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¨       Possess the basis knowledge of fleet management as to the procurement, management, maintenance and replacement.

¨       Possess the ability to understand and recognize the importance of the maintenance and the condition of the Company’s equipment, vehicles and facilities.

¨       Develop the understanding of the local, state and federal government, their impact on the Company and the role the Maintenance Department in achieving the objectives of the Company.

¨       Provide leadership including the required coaching and supervision of all departmental staff.

¨       Provide oversight of maintenance staff and facilities located apart from the Corporate headquarters.

¨       Maintain and expand business opportunities to grow the business including but not limited to the maintenance of entertainer coaches, bodywork, etc.

¨       Insure proactive compliance of preventative maintenance, repair and cleaning programs for the Corporation’s equipment, vehicles and facilities.

¨       Develop and maintain the operating budget for the department.

¨       Proactively interact with other governmental agencies on a local, state and federal level.

¨       Assist in the preparation of the Company’s Capital Improvement Program and subsequent updates.

¨       Provide leadership as a member of the management team in establishing priorities and strategic plans promoting short and long- range objectives of the Corporation.

¨       Promote First Class Tours as the leading voice in public transportation issues in the community.


 ¨       The Director should possess the necessary knowledge and experience of fleet management, vehicle and equipment maintenance.

¨       The Director should possess skills in maximizing his or her potential to promote productivity and positive morale.

¨       The Director should be a person with a solid understanding and respect for the differences of roles between the Corporation and the various federal, state and local agencies.

¨       The Director should have the ability to interface with various public officials including elected local, state and federal representatives as well as officials of local, state and federal governments.

¨       The Director should have the ability to command the respect of his or her peers within the organization.

¨       The Director should be a person possessing those traits of honesty and integrity, creativity and flexibility that are essential to the position.


Commercial Driver's License preferred.
Technical Degree or equivalent level of management and/or mechanical experience required. 
Experience in public or private sector with background in fleet management.
Must demonstrate qualities of leadership, administrative ability, and public relations skills.
Ability to plan, initiate, direct, and carry out short and long-term programs.
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and be able to make presentations on the Company’s status regarding programs involving the maintenance programs. Apply Now